Krk Wk W Krk Zkt Ix
Kix Wi Wirk Wirzk Wizt
Kzk Krkt Wiw Krkt Wrt
K K R Rzk Rz Rw Rzx Rzk
Wi Wi Krzt Wirzt Kirk

Ayn Rand

An Ant And Ayn Rand As Ant Are Axe
And Are Aux As Ant Are As A Thread
And Lax And A Ant And Tax Are An Ace
Ace Ant Are Ace Ant An Axe A Land
And The Race An Anthrax Axed Asked
An Anthrax Ace Axe And Ran Lace
Ankle And Any Rain A Tame Aim

A Bed Sheet

It is Bubbles of tarp and wish to warp to curtail burdens in yellow armrest. It is a salamander and not without renewal.
A brood without trappings. Not often yearning to press Versailles. Wool in warping blood. Not always to a beige.
Remember the mutton. Always turning to green streetlamps. Why is curiosity amber and not choice. Of color why is shade shattered.
Kept in difference there is any use for utensils. Why is pillow not a chair and tools are often placed to squares.
An occasion for persnickety. Daisies and the loins and the cough. This is reckless.
A new pressing. Pressing perpessed. Near kneaded need. Perspire in knead.


We Wean Weeds, We Wheel
Were We Weeds, We Wean We
We Were Wheels, Were We
Wheel We, When Weeds We Wean
Real Weed, Wheels Roar, Real Woah
Row Wheel We Were Wheel Weeds
Were We Real Weeds, We Were
We Wean, We Weeds, We Wheels
We Rew, Wean Reeds, Real Wheel
Who Rule, Who Wean, Who Weed,
Who Wheel, We Rolled, Were Ruled

Symphony for Dermal Wound

Walk into the forest and
Do not pay attention to where
Your feet land.
When you inevitably trip
And fall
And hurt
Your arm or leg or otherwise
Use a clothing item
As a faux tourniquet.
Cover as much of the item
In blood
And wear it again.
Repeat as many times as necessary
Until the item is completely covered
In blood
And display it in a nurse's office.

Tenis Tarot Wisp

Gumo Yomu Urn Woud Jowl Vonabu Wisp Guma
Quome Revush Pauma Murberus Inlo Peryoor
Tayanoga? Goom Wah Lola Greev Fehringah
Urn Stenis Urn Tarot Dagog Weer Lengogdop
Eem Tayan Hegrah Eem Taya Wamplo Yowm Dod

Untitled, in Three Parts

Un Unad Umo Plexus reem reem your tuynte!
I will do your tuynte as tuynte i will do my tuynte Aslan in you reem.
Yer doe doe.

vuh yuh fuh yuh nuh puh
luhnuhpuh luhnuhluhluhmuhh yuhnuhnuh-puh
luhnuh-luhh yuhpuhnuh puhnuhpuh
muhhhahhhh puhhhhhuh

The pole and
And the pole
And the pole and the pole
Pole the and the
A pole and the.
The a. Pole
And the pole and thea.
P. Thea.
The a. Pole
And the pole thea.
P. Thea. A.
Pole the and pole thea.
And the a. A.
Pole thea pole.


Sugatou Un Nouns
Sugatou Un Nouns
Sugatou Un Unos
Sugatou Un Sun
Sugatou Un Nus
Sugatou Urn Onto
Sugatou Run Onto
Gult Airo No Us
Gult Airo On Us
Gult Airo Nu So
Gult Air No Us
Gult Air On Us
Gult Air Nu So
Gult Air Nu So
Gult Oar In Sot
Gult Oar In Sots
Gult Oars In To
Gult Oars Ti On
Gult Oars Ti No
Gult Oars It On
Gult Oars It No
Gult Oars Ti On
Gult Oars Ti No
Gult Oars It On
Gult Oars It No
Gult Soar In To