[0:00] Narrated intro by German speaker for Cabaret Voltaire performance.
Man walks down deserted alleyway. Neon sign near entrance to Cabaret Voltaire.
Stop-motion display of portraits of each of the salon's founding members.

[0:50] Piano playerwith back turned to camera begins discordant rag, bobbing left and right vigorously.
Three well-dressed men take turns rising from behind piano clanking a handle, a plate and a tube respectively.

[1:06] Upward glissando on piano. Cut transition to center stage.
Back wall is littered with angular shapes and 'DADA' inscriptions of varying font.
Well-dressed men come out and clank objects and bounce around to beat of piano as two dancers come to center stage.

[1:36] Well-dressed men leave stage. Another piano movement. Dancers begin a mirrored interpretive routine.

[2:16] Pleasant chord. Cut transition to frozen dancers. Exit outboard to reveal Ball in uncomfortable costume with distressed expression.

[2:32] Recitation of sound poem "Kurowane" accompanied by stringed instrument. Gradual increase in volume from Ball.
Well-dressed men surround Ball. A cat screams. Several objects are thrown at Ball as he is escorted out. Low atonal chord.

[3:04] Jazz hands.

[3:10] Cut transition to three men with nice hair rising rhythmically in time with clanking. Middle man wears monocle. Recitation of simultaneous poem.

[3:30] Men on left and right exit outboard. Man in middle takes off monocole and puts up hands in proclamation. All pause.

[3:36] Cut transition to stage. Poem begins at heightened intensity with piano. Men on left and right shimmy to join up with middle man.

[3:50] Conclusion of poem. Clock ticking. Men with nice hair sway left and right with ticks. Hoots and hollers.
Mirrored dancers enter from stage right. Place masks on men on left and right. Balding well-dressed man squats in front stage to place mask on middle man.
Well-dressed men enter from stage left. Mirrored dancers trade places and exit outboard. Balding well-dressed man performs acrobatics.

[4:20] Close shot of balding well-dressed man with sinister grin. Cut transition to well-dressed man missing tooth mid-clank.

[4:34] Close shot of masked men with nice hair. Cut transition to middle man. Monologue with slow zoom-in on eye. Hatred in voice.